Ruth Patterson

Noncompliance in ICD-10 Clinical Documentation

So, now let’s see how much we’ve learned.  During clinical documentation for ICD-10 training, we have urged our physicians and healthcare clinicians to provide as much specificity as possible.   Our teaching strategies included advice such as “make sure you explain severity and frequency, using terms such as acute, chronic acute […]

The Final ICD-10 Push

One thing I find fascinating about people  is the buzz before a stormy weather forecast.  Shoppers are frantically buying every gallon of milk, loaf of bread and every egg on the shelf.  The preparation for something that might happen, and delay our lives for maybe a day or two is interesting […]

ICD-10, its all about tomorrow

Do you remember the children’s story called “Tomorrow” from “Days with Frog and Toad” by Arnold Lobel?  It’s a story about procrastination and it goes like this: Toad woke up.  “Drat!” he said.  “This house is a mess. I have so much work to do” Frog looked through the window.  […]

Are You Ready to Start a Dual Coding Program or Should You Be Starting a Double Coding Program?

Should your organization be engaged in dual coding or double coding programs, and are you ready to begin? Two very important questions to ask as we move closer into ICD-10 implementation. To begin with, let’s define dual vs double coding.  Coders who are engaged in dual coding, also referred to […]

The ICD-10 Storm

There has been an entire library of articles, white papers and journals written and published regarding misunderstandings and distortions concerning ICD-10-CM/PCS—making it hard to figure out what is fact and what is fiction. Due to these exaggerations, bills and proposals were presented to Congress in an effort to either postpone […]