MedEd Solutions chosen as the Exclusive Online Training Partner for NCMA

MedEd Solutions has been selected as the exclusive provider of online training for the National Certification Medical Association, NCMA. NCMA ( is a national certification agency and academic professional membership association for allied healthcare providers and technicians such as phlebotomists and medical assistants.  MedEd Solutions is a provider of online, asynchronous medical training with courses in clinical documentation, ICD-10 coding and other customized medical education courses.

“We find this partnership with MedEd Solutions to be a perfect match for us,” said Mercy Trujillo, Head Nurse at Metropolitan Health Network and NCMA Board Member. “We are a national certification agency with experience in developing competency testing for healthcare professionals.  One of our primary goals is to improve the quality of specimens collected and sent to a laboratory for testing.  One of the best ways to do this is to insure the quality of education the healthcare professional who is taking the blood or collecting the specimen receives.  By providing very high-quality, online education, we believe we can begin to insure the quality of the didactic portion of their education.”

Specimen collection and processing generates information required for physicians to begin patient care and treatment plans.  Nearly 70% of all data that clinicians receive to manage their patients comes from lab results, which can contain between 58% and 93% pre-analytical errors.  This means, of all of the specimens collected, between 58-93% were collected or transported wrong and the integrity of the specimen is compromised, resulting in inaccurate specimen results. The best way to mitigate this problem of improper specimen collection is through education.

“We are excited about this partnership with NCMA,” said Sandra Schneider, Director of Operations at MedEd Solutions.  “NCMA students and members will be able to sign onto the learning portal at any time.  That’s the beauty of distance education for adults.  You can work full time and be a full time parent and still make time for your education.”

For additional information contact Ruth Patterson, 201-775-4373.

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