Nothing has changed our lives more than technology. With the invention of the internet, almost all of our norms have changed from the way we read and ingest information, the way we bank and pay our bills, even the way we invite our friends and families to gatherings. Our social lives revolve around technology, our financial world and our health care….it’s all about the technology that supports these facets of our lives.

hands-e-learningIt’s no surprise that education has also been affected by technology, but we, as educators, have not been teaching our students the way they learn. Not all learning experiences are equal. There is a significant difference between a lecture in a large auditorium with hundreds of students and a small seminar room with 15 students. Today’s learner, the 21st century learner is a technology master. We have brought computers into our children’s classrooms and have brought classrooms into technology. Learning now happens anywhere and at any time. There are people in coffee shops who are studying in online classes at any time of the day or night, all because we have infused technology into education. Finally, we have to begin to educate the next generation in the manner in which they learn, through interaction and technology.

It’s from this premise that MedEd Solutions was born. We believe by using cutting edge technology via online education we can prepare the 21st century learner for 21st century jobs. Each one of us have had great classes in traditional settings and surely there were many that were not. How many experiences has the average student had in a traditional classroom that were less than perfect? How many students have learned failure in a traditional classroom which has prohibited them from continuing their education and enhancing their lives? Even more important, is the quality of education and the quality of the student who completes that education. A report published by the US Department of Education in 2010 found that, on average, students who completed online learning programs outperformed their peers who learned in a traditional classroom. And isn’t that what we want, especially from medical professionals, for them to perform at their best!

At MedEd Solutions, we provide our students with an outstanding educational experience by using cutting edge technology and solid education. All of our programs of study have been created by subject matter experts in their field and most of our programs lead to either certification or continuing education credits.

We believe in the future of healthcare, we believe in education through technology, and we are working to insure the future healthcare professional is well educated and ready to provide the best patient care possible.