MedEd Solutions

The transition to ICD-10 coding is one of the most complex and expensive changes to the U.S. healthcare system in years. With an implementation date set for October 1, 2015, payers and providers have a rapidly dwindling timeframe to transition. MedEd Solutions is ready to help organizations make the transition smoothly and efficiently.

Don’t Get Left Behind

Failure to properly prepare for ICD-10 will have severe consequences. Without reliable, consistent documentation of ICD-10 codes, healthcare providers can’t be certain they’ll receive accurate, timely payments for services rendered.

The Medical Group Management Association surveyed more than 1,200 medical groups about their ICD readiness, and the results were disappointing.

• Only 4.8% of practices reported significant progress toward ICD-10 readiness

• Only 5.9% of practices reported that internal software testing had begun with their practice management software vendor

• 60% of the survey respondents said they weren’t confident that their major health plans will be ready

• 87.5% of respondents were concerned about the loss of clinician productivity after implementation

• 81.1% of respondents were concerned about the cost of switching to ICD-10

MedEd Solutions Can Help

Most of the anticipated implementation problems can be minimized or eliminated by proper planning prior to the October 1st compliance date. MedEd is primed to help healthcare payers and providers prepare for ICD-10 through:
• Expert ICD-10 consulting and education
• Clinical documentation improvement (CDI)
• Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Implementation
• Revenue Cycle Management

MedEd Solutions can help your organization understand infrastructure and training needs, automate labor-intensive coding and documentation processes, and implement systems that improve payer relationships and manage denials.