The ICD-10 Storm

There has been an entire library of articles, white papers and journals written and published regarding misunderstandings and distortions concerning ICD-10-CM/PCS—making it hard to figure out what is fact and what is fiction. Due to these exaggerations, bills and proposals were presented to Congress in an effort to either postpone or abandon the conversion to ICD-10.

As we saw in early 2014, this effort was effective in granting another one year delay and was tied into a bill which clearly had nothing to do with ICD-10 or coding in any manner.  In an In this article from the Journal of AHIMA, Richard F. Averill and Rhonda Butler address common ICD-10 myths and misconceptions and presented a clear and concise answers to the top “5 Myths” surrounding ICD-10.  It’s a worthy read for anyone who is trying to understand the new coding system and the storm brewing around it.

Click here for the article.

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