ICD-10 Impact Assessment

ICD-10 Impact Assessment

MedEd Solutions offers a range of ICD-10 (CM and PCS) consulting solutions, including an ICD-10 Documentation and Revenue Risk Assessment as well as skills assessments, training and education solutions for all user levels and ongoing performance analysis. MedEd’s ICD-10 consulting and education solutions are customized based on your facility’s immediate and long-range ICD-10 implementation needs.

Our ICD-10 consulting services include:

Skills Assessment, Training and Education – MedEd offers an online coder skills assessment, suite of ICD-10 foundations courses and the ICD-10 coding curriculum. In addition, MedEd’s ICD-10 online solutions help coders and clinicians to improve documentation and coding while also providing ongoing feedback to fully prepare staff for ICD-10.

Coding Quality Review and Education/Auditing – Our data analytics partner studies the data from your claims to identify where the greatest impact will be to help mitigate these risks. MedEd Solutions then creates an easy-to-use report summarizing all data from the claims review. Supporting the entire process is an experienced team consisting of coders, data specialists and a CDI specialist who assure a thorough review and meaningful report. Personalized training solutions ensure that necessary improvements are made to each coder’s performance, physician documentation and the organization’s coding procedures.

Dual Coding and Management Staff Resources – Skilled (ICD-9 and ICD-10) coding professionals and experienced credentialed managers to supplement staffing levels before, during and after implementation to help ensure continuous production and help mitigate the gaps and delays in the revenue cycle.