Existing Coder Training

Existing Coder Assessments and Coding Solutions

The ICD-10 programs with MedEd Solutions take a phased education approach to maximize learners’ knowledge retention and minimize negative impacts on productivity. This approach includes assessments, ICD-10 specific code training, and workshops. Identifying where your staff is starting from, as well as knowledge gaps, is a crucial step in a successful ICD-10 training plan. The assessments includes:

• Baseline Assessments – Evaluation of coders’ baseline clinical proficiencies in each of the biomedical sciences
• Advanced Assessments – Post-training evaluation of coders’ clinical ICD-10 specific knowledge in biomedical sciences as well as their readiness for ICD-10 code set training
• Medical Terminology – Covers principles of building and understanding medical terminology in preparation for ICD-10-CM/PCS
• Anatomy – Includes instruction on anatomical structure and organs of the body from an ICD-10-CM/PCS perspective
• Pathophysiology – Covers ICD-10-CM/PCS pathophysiology by body system
• Pharmacology – Teaches ICD-10-CM/PCS general pharmacology practices

MedEd Solutions ICD-10 education for existing coders uses a combination of online and live training to prepare your coders for ICD-10. MedEd’s programs give coders the knowledge, skills, and practice needed to be successful in ICD-10. Our programs also provide several resources to keep coders up-to-date on the latest coding news and regulations throughout and after implementation. Our live and online courses offer a variety of continuing education credits.