Training Solutions for Physicians & Clinical Staff

MedEd Solutions Full Suite of Training Solutions for Physicians & Clinical Staff

The success of the transition of ICD-10 relies on the clinical documentation provided by our Physicians and Clinical Staff.  Clinical documentation education is critical to the success of developing and maintaining a strong team of healthcare professionals who can provide the specific data and documentation needed by your coders and HIM professionals. MedEd Solutions offers a full suite of role-based online education for your organization on clinical documentation, coding and strategies to mitigate the impact of ICD-10.

Online learning is simple to follow and understand, and is a proven learning solution for both on-boarding new employees or for updating current practitioners.


  • 24 hour access for students, anytime, anywhere.
  • Students have access to virtual resources to help them every step of the way.
  • Easy to use and easy to navigate platform.
  • Customer support and help desk to answer questions.
  • Live Professors are available to mentor your staff and ensure their success.
  • Customizable learning solutions for all roles in a healthcare facility.
  • Interactive education which addresses audio, tactile and visual learning needs.
  • Clinical documentation tool available to support decision making in the future.

The Physician Training Solution:

The MedEd Solution for physicians is based on specialty.  The analysis of the top diagnosis codes per specialty has enabled us to provide specialty education based on the documentation for the codes that matter to you the most, MedEd Solutions is not a “one size fits all” approach.  Our interactive learning solution makes understanding the documentation requirements for ICD-10 CM and PCS easy and meaningful.

Its our approach to learning that makes us different.  Our goal is to help you think in terms of the documentation requirements for the new code set.  By learning about these new requirements, and reviewing your notes, we’ll help you improve your documentation and align your thinking to be in compliance with these complex new rules.


Our Physician Training Solution provides accessibility for ICD-10 education for rural and remote healthcare facilities or urban and inner-city facilities.  By providing you with an internet based, cutting edge learning solution, we can make sure you are well informed about the ever changing regulatory environment in documentation, medical coding and compliance.  If you’re enrolling one physician or an entire practice or hospital, our online platform has an unlimited capacity, so we can supply training Solutions for your organization, no matter how big or small.  Remember, you’re never really alone with our Solutions as we’ve got live professors who are available to answer your questions and help you along the way.  That’s the beauty of online learning, and that’s MedEd Solutions.