Prepare for ICD-10 with Education Solutions and Resources

The impacts of ICD-10 will vary across the organization, and so must the approach to education and training.  MedEd Solutions offers cutting edge education solutions customized to the specialty specific learning needs of physicians, nurses, coders, and clinical documentation improvement specialists, and others whose work is affected by ICD-10.

With the most comprehensive ICD-10 transition training available, you can take courses online at your desk, invite a specialist to your office, or ask our consulting professionals to assess your organization and recommend a customized learning solution.

Solutions Customized for every Learner

Three levels of instruction comprise the MedEd Education curriculum:

  • Overview Training, which orients participants to the reasons, benefits, challenges and timelines of ICD-10, as well as department-specific impacts to workflow and systems.
  • Knowledge-based/skill transfer, to provide a deeper understanding of ICD-10 and ensure those who work with diagnosis data can easily navigate and use the code set.
  • On-the-Job Training, which helps learners apply their ICD-10 training to their current work.
    Choose the solution that’s right for you.

e-learning-handMedEd Solutions ICD-10 Education Programs are available in two delivery platforms-

  1. MedEd hosted web-based e-learning courses through our MedEd Academy, enabling your learners to access online instruction any time, any place, 24/7 or
  2. A hybrid approach to customized learning in which we’ll introduce your programs to your learns in a face-to-face orientation and then provide additional training online.

Existing Coder Training

Created by coders for coders, MedEd training provides in-depth knowledge of the ICD-10-CM and ICD-10–PCS code sets, including structure, classification and guidelines. Each module includes several layers of validation to assure accuracy and relevance. Our education solution for existing coders includes courses in Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Terminology, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology to insure you’re ready to learn the new ICD-10 code set.

Clinician Training

When physicians, nurses and other clinical staff understand the reasons, benefits, challenges and timelines of ICD-10, they’ll understand the department-specific impacts to workflows and systems and why their compliance is so important. MedEd can help your clinical staff navigate and integrate ICD-10 into their workflow.

Support Staff Training

For hospital executives, nurses, CDI specialists, utilization management, front desk, admissions and staff working in IT,  MedEd training provides an overview of ICD-10 coding conventions and guidelines, and how these changes affect specific work areas. This customized learning solution can be delivered in a face-to-face workshop or online.  By providing an online solution, your facility can access this training whenever a new hire joins your team.

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