Time to Review 2015 and the Impact of ICD-10

Just take one look at social media and you will see everyone is looking back at 2015.  In healthcare, we’ve had some major changes this year to the revenue cycle, but unlike the pictures of the families on social media, we have the opportunity to look at real data and evaluate the year.

ICD-10 surely had an impact on the last quarter of the year.  But do you know what kind of impact it had on your facility or on your practice? You have real data that can help you understand what is happening to your revenue cycle, but do you know how to get that data and then understand it?   Let us help you evaluate that impact and mitigate any potential problems!  Let’s take a look at Q4 in 2014 and compare it to Q4 2015 and see what happened to your revenue cycle.  More specifically, “How much did ICD-10 impact your whole business?”

We can take a look at each department, purely by the numbers and help you forecast what the beginning of 2016 may look like.  Let’s see how clinical documentation impacted last quarter the codes, revenue cycle and the case mix – and then, let’s take the steps toward remediation – BY DEPARTMENT and BY CLINICIAN and see if we can help you regain the income lost and prevent the future losses by improving documentation.

Let’s talk today about the health of your hospital or practice and how we can work together to bring about a healthy 2016.

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